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350z/G35 Hydro E-brake + Full Dual Caliper Kit (10% Combo Discount)

350z/G35 Hydro E-brake + Full Dual Caliper Kit (10% Combo Discount)

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Order everything at once and save 10% + FREE Axle Spacers!

We make installing a hydro in your 350z or G35 easy for you. In this kit you're getting everything you need to put a hydro e-brake and dual calipers on your 350z/G35. You just need to supply your own second set of calipers.

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This kit includes:




What size master cylinder should I get?
You have options to purchase either the .625", .70" or .750" sized Wilwood master cylinders. For cars with a single piston rear caliper, .625" or .70" might be best. For cars with Brembo/Akebono calipers, the .70" or .750" might be best.
The .625" will have the softest handle pull but you will have a longer handle "throw" before the rear brakes lock up. The .750" master will have the shortest throw but require more handle force to lock the rear brakes and can be overly stiff. 
Our general recommendation is the .70" master for a nice middle ground that typically works well for most setups.  For G35s, we suggest using the  .70" or .750" to minimize handle pull so that less of the shifter bezel needs to be trimmed, regardless of what calipers you use.

Bench bleeding your master before installation is highly recommended and will greatly aid with bleeding your fluid system. 

Which size axle spacers do I need?
7mm is our recommended minimum to ensure the space created by installing the brackets are taken up.
10mm is recommended if your car is moderately lowered and your camber is less than -3 degrees.
14mm is recommended if your car is very low or your camber is more than -3 degrees.

What calipers will work for this kit?
This kit comes with hardware for both Brembo and non-Brembo calipers. However, you can not mix and match calipers. Meaning if you have Brembo for your normal brakes, you must use Brembo for your second set. If they're non-Brembo you must also match the year you have. 03-05 calipers and rotors are different size to 06+ and will not fit together.


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    Customer Reviews

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    Excellent Quality

    I shopped around for a bolt-on handbrake kit for my 350Z and I'm happy that I went with the Henko kit. The quality of everything is excellent and their customer service was great, too! Everything fit very well, and the brake functions perfectly. The position of the handbrake is perfect for me and I'm overall very happy.

    The only thing that I could have wished for was to have more a little more in-depth instructions for installation which could have saved me a little bit of time during installation, but the installation was pretty intuitive overall.


    Great product id say if you have a 350z there is no better choice

    Tony P.
    Buy now!!

    Dope a$$ sh¡t!! Quality products, easy to install, and amazing customer service!!

    Jacob J.
    Rad kit

    Makes it easy and high quality parts