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Low Pro Reverse -350Z/G35 Edition Hydro E Brake

Low Pro Reverse -350Z/G35 Edition Hydro E Brake

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Master Cylinder Size
External Reservoir & Feedline
Handle Finish


Formally known by the Lost In Transition Handbrake, now with interchangeable grips!

The hydraulic ebrake made specifically for your 350z or G35!

We designed this handbrake to fit in the center console, perfectly under the radio and A/C Control Module. This gives you that ultra clean look WITHOUT compromising radio space or A/C function. We have seen hydraulic handbrakes mounted in the center location but previously that would require some work and sacrifice. The A/C Control Module would have to be deleted or relocated up higher, eliminating the option for a double din radio and the user would have to create their own custom bracketry and typically weld everything in place.


But not with the Z/G Edition Hydro

Installation is simple

Place to bracket where you prefer along the slant of the transmission tunnel, drill the 3 holes for a nut/bolt hold down, then trim your shift bezel and your done!

This was made possible by our unique bracket design. By mounting the Wilwood master cylinder sideways and matching the slant of the transmission tunnel, we've managed to fit everything perfectly beneath the OEM hardware. 


Designed for Inline or Standalone configuration

Buy once and upgrade whenever!

Use this handbrake "in-line" with your factory brake system by purchasing lines that tee into your rear caliper brake line, making your master cylinder operate as a pass-thru system. A simple and cheaper way to get a hydro into your Z/G chassis.


Or Upgrade easily to a dual rear caliper configuration by adding on our External Reservoir with feed line and installing your dual caliper kit. No need to switch master cylinders! With so little room where the master cylinder is, we created an external reservoir that's designed to simply bolt in with your OEM clutch fluid reservoir. Making checking and filling your handbrake fluid much easier and keeping it away from you in the cabin. Purchase the External Reservoir with your hydro to get almost 20% off!


We're confident we've created THE BEST hydro handbrake for the Z/G chassis. With the ease of installation, very minimal trimming, and ultra clean look, how can you beat it?



Something else that's neat

The grips are now interchangeable! We designed our handle to accept the WIDELY popular 1911 grip panels. Just have a look and you'll find thousands of choices online. So get something that fits your style! Grip panels and screws are directly interchangeable with any full size 1911 grips.

OR if you're into 3d modeling and 3d printing, just shoot us an email and we'll happily send you our blank grip template solid model file so can custom make your own and truly make your hydro one of a kind!


 Note: Handbrake fits 2003-2008 350z and 2003-2006 G35 Coupe and Sedan.
Does not directly fit the transition year 2007-2008 G35 Sedan.


You have options to purchase either the .625" or .750" sized master cylinders. For G35s, we suggest using the .750" to minimize handle pull so that less of the shifter bezel needs to be trimmed. The 350z can use .625" or .750". The .625" will have a softer handle pull but you will have a longer handle "throw". The .750" master will have a shorter throw but require more force to pull the handle and can be overly stiff. General recommendation is the .625" master.

Bench bleeding your master before installation is highly recommended and will greatly aid with bleeding your fluid system. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hunter S.
Way better than expected

I was going to go with a eBay hydro but I’m so glad I didn’t this thing is sweet. It also came in 3 days to MT. My favorite thing was definitely the packaging you can tell the owner and workers care about there products. It fits great as well. Snug fit on the trans tunnel as expected
The only that’s hard is finding the fittings and line sizes you need. I’ll be making a Quick video on YouTube to help everyone else when I get it figured out haha.

Still 10/10 I’m super excited to get out drifting again


So cool you can customize the grips!

Rich C.
Best looking hydro brake lever

Good looking and great products

Nevada O.
Great product

Quaility is top notch, install is easy and hydro showed up fast


Really high quality!