Here is your sign

God has many ways to get our attention. Sometimes its through a spontaneous sign right after you ask for it, sometimes its a miracle or an answered prayer, sometimes its through the kindness of a complete stranger, or sometimes its a little gold foil note with a QR code on it. Whether you received this card in your order, found it out in public, or stumbled across this random web page, you're here by no accident. God loves you and desires a close relationship with you. He proves this by sending His son Jesus to die for us 2000 years ago so that we might believe on Him and receive the salvation that reunites us to God. 




I'm not some kind of pastor or super religious guy. If you're here because you got this card in your order, that means you're a car enthusiast and most likely into drifting or another motorsport, just like I am. So I hope you read this like its coming from a homie at a drift event. Just another bro who loves burning tires llike the rest of us. In fact, I only came to truly know Jesus just a few years ago. But let me tell you brother.. Life is infinitely better now that I do and I know yours will be too.


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My name is Tony Park and I am the founder of Henko AutoLab.
I'll start with a little bit of my up bringing. As a child, my mother took me and my siblings to church faithfully. So I've always known about Jesus and said the prayer asking Jesus into my heart and confessing my belief in Him and his resurrection. I believe I've been saved since a young kid but as I grew into my teenage years and eventually moved in with my dad, I started to rebel like most kids especially in lower income schools/towns. I got into smoking weed, drinking, doing adderall, experimenting with all sorts of things a 15yo shouldn't be doing. I started skipping school alot, having sex and chasing girls, getting into fights and eventually got expelled for a pretty serious fight that got me criminal charges. After just barely doing enough to graduate highschool a year late in summer school, I got married and joined the Army. I straighten up enough to not get in too much trouble in the military but life didn't get better there. I was constantly battling depression, fighting with my spouse all the time, partying and drinking excessively, got out of the Army and started smoking weed again. Doing everything I could to try and fill a void in my life but nothing was ever good enough.


Fast forward to 2021, I'm now divorced and messing with another girl that was very much against God and religion as a whole and I'm still cycling thru vices, just chasing a happiness that never felt real. All along God was tugging at my heart, reminding me that He was still there. I knew I wasn't living right but I always saw religion as a strict, non-fun, boring life that was only for old people or people that didn't do anything exciting with their lives. But deep down, something in me knew that was the missing key. I knew I needed Jesus.
Still battling these demons in my life, I continued making bad decisions. I got caught cheating and manipulating 2 girls I was leading to believe I loved them. As with any cheaters story goes, it eventually blew up in my face and it all ended with me violently lashing out on items all through my apartment. I'm now left alone with nothing but the misery I've brought upon myself once again. I was broken, tired of my crappy life and tired of always making the wrong decisions. I finally turned to God. I cried to Him and decided I was done trying to do things my way. I committed fully in my heart to Him and whatever his will is for me. I decided I didn't care what the world thought anymore. I didn't want anything the world had to offer. I wanted to fully step into whatever God would call me to and just follow Jesus for real, for the first time in my life. And that day, Febuary 2nd 2021, my life completely changed.

It was almost instantly that I felt God working in my heart like never before. I'd fallen in love with Him and was doing everything to learn more. Watching all types of sermons online, reading the bible and it actually making sense to me for the first time, reading devotionals and praying continuously. A few sermons online mentioned how improtant baptism was and not 2 weeks later, my new church just happened to be having their baptism sunday event coming up and I went and got baptized. I felt like the prodical son coming back to his father a total mess, yet he took me in like I'd been missing for years. (Luke 15:11-32) This feeling was all so new that I'd questioned if I was ever actually saved before. But later I learned, this was the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This was the next real step of following Jesus. 
This is what it really feels like to go all in and truly give your life to Christ. And this is why I'm here telling this all to you today.

Brother I can't begin to put into words the difference I've experienced in my life. Jesus has given me such an unshakeable joy that I've never had before. Depression doesn't exist. Not even a little bit. I still fight with my fleshly desires and sins that have been in my life for many years but God is working me thru them. Not only that but using them to help me connect with people I likely wouldn't have without it. God uses even my weaknesses for His glory. 

I know my life looks alot like many of yours. There's alot of details I've left out to try and keep it short but if we sat down and talked I'd bet you we've walked the same shoes in more areas than one. My friend, Jesus is real. There is nothing I'm more sure of in this world than that. There is sooo much to gain by following Jesus. And also so much to lose if you continue without Him. Don't let this life changing opportunity pass by again. Click the drop down below titled "How to accept Jesus" to learn how you can be saved and experience this unwavering love like I have too.



Tony Park
Henko AutoLab Founder/CEO



I've always wanted to own a business when I was growing up but Henko AutoLab only became a thing as of 2020 (originally Lost In Transition, LLC). So I can't say this was always the plan in my head, but I can look back and see God unfolding it all over time. I'm not sure exactly how God will use me or this business as we continue to grow. One thing I do know though is He's led me to include these little "calling" cards in the orders. I originally started doing it with traditional tracts but things have evolved over time and I'm sure they'll keep on changing.

What this also means is that Henko business practices will always model God's guidance. Every employee probably won't be a follower of Christ but that doesn't mean we can't have a culture that honors Him.
So in every product we offer, every piece of advice we provide, and every interaction we have, our commitment is to deliver the absolute best for you. As we go above and beyond in our products and customer service, we hope that our 'why' shines through.


If you've never accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savoir let me tell you its the greatest one decision I've ever made. It took me from being a liar, a manipulator, depressed and destructive, and now its all completely different. I'm not perfect but I'm progressing. And Jesus is at the center of that turning point.

Pray this prayer with me.
"God, thank you for sending your only son, Jesus. Today I ask you to be Lord and savoir of my life. I believe you lived, you died, and you rose again with all power, just for me. Come into my life. Change me, renew me, transform me. I'm yours. In Jesus name, Amen."

If you just prayed that prayer, every angel in heaven is cheering for you!! And not only that but I'm so proud of you! If we were at a drift event together I'd give you the biggest hug right now

But we're not done!
God has so much more for you. Your eternity is secured but there's still so much to do here on earth! Seek God in prayer, in the bible, in sermon series online or join a local church, and ask God for a vision of your life. Seek Him for your purpose and I promise He will reveal it. The closer you grow towards Him, the more He will heal you and set you free of all the things of this world keeping you in bondage. Seek Him diligently and He will reveal Himself to you.

I'm so hype and so proud of you!! If you'd like to, you can reach out to me and let me know you've just accepted Christ as your savoir. I'd love to connect with you and hear all about it. Instagram, Facebook, Email, however. Or you can keep it between you and God for now. But just know we're here for you.
Welcome to the family of God


My friend and family in Christ! I am so thankful to know there are actually many of us in the car scene and I praise God each time one of you reach out to me and let me know you also follow Jesus.

Now we have work to do!
It's our job as believers to spread the Gospel and reach as many lost souls as possible. We know life is short and anyone can die at any moment, but time may be even shorter than we realize. It's not hard to see how corrupt and evil this world is becoming. Not only are we seeing satan and demonic powers openly displayed in all areas of media and governement, but the world itself is showing signs of end time prophecy. I truly believe we will see Christ's return within our generations lifetime. We will never know the exact time this will happen, but we are given the warning signs of when it's coming near. That being said, we have no time to waste.

How can you help?
If there was a building on fire with a million people inside, of course you can't save them all. But that doesn't mean we just don't try and save the ones that we can! We each have friends and strangers in our lives that we can spread the Gospel to and share God's love with. God gave us all unique gifts, positions, and influence to be able to help grow His kingdom. So use them! Be the loving voice that would've encouraged you to seek God!
Tell someone about Jesus today. Be a blessing to someone today. Be the reason that someone seeks God for themself in their own life. Plant the seeds, and let God do his work.
Something simple you can do is to just leave this QR code card somewhere it can be found. You never know what difference it could make for someone.

We are God's rescue team on earth. Let's go to into all the areas the enemy thought he had us blocked out of and reach the people he thought he had locked away.
Here's a couple of my favorite youtube videos that've encouraged me to be bold for Christ.

The Gates of Hell - Social Dallas: 40:27/59:30

You're Officially Ordained - Transformation Church: 60min