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LAUNCH SALE - Henko AutoLab - Low-Pro Reverse Hydro E Brake

LAUNCH SALE - Henko AutoLab - Low-Pro Reverse Hydro E Brake

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One of the tightest, smoothest, and lowest hydro e-brakes on the market.

We designed this hydro to compete with the best in the game. By removing all the common issues we all hate and adding in a couple unique features of our own, we know its a top contender.

The Grips might be the first unique thing you notice. We wanted something that looked great, felt grippy but smooth in the hand, but most of all - make it customizable. Our grips are designed around the famous 1911 grip panels, making them directly interchangle with any full-sized 1911 grips and screws. This gives you the ability to customize your drift cars center piece with seemingly infinite choices. Just have a look and you'll find thousands of different designs online. So get something unique that fits your style!

The Handle had to be one of exception as well. With dual ball bearings used at the pivot point of the handle, there will never been any side to side play and it will always feel smooth to pull. We also wanted it to be nice and slim but without the flat walls that you typically see which can hurt your hands. The full radius surrounding the edge of the handle feels great and looks even better. 

The Bracket was made to place the master as absolutely low as possible, making it easy to fit under center consoles and dashes with minimal trimming. Its boxed design keeps it ultra stiff and still light weight. And with the offset pivot spacers, the handle can be positioned farther left or right making it more suitable for both LHD or RHD vehicles.


Designed for Inline or Standalone configuration

Buy once and upgrade whenever!

Use this handbrake "in-line" with your factory brake system by purchasing lines that tee into your rear caliper brake line, making your master cylinder operate as a pass-thru system. A simple and cheaper way to get a hydro into your drift car.
See our available In-line Hydro Brake Line Kits here.


Or Upgrade easily to a dual rear caliper configuration by adding on our Remote Reservoir with Feedline or Side Mounted Reservoir and installing your dual caliper kit. No need to buy another master cylinder! 


We've taken all the things we love about a hydro and removed all the issues everyone hates. We're confident you'll love this hydro.






You have options to purchase either the .625", .70" or .750" sized Wilwood master cylinders. For cars with a single piston rear caliper, .625" or .70" might be best. For vehicles with larger multi piston rear calipers, the .70" or .750" might be best.
 The .625" will have the softest handle pull but you will have a longer handle "throw" before the rear brakes lock up. The .750" master will have the shortest throw but require more handle force to lock the rear brakes and can be overly stiff.
Our general recommendation is the .70" master for a nice middle ground that typically works well for most setups.

Bench bleeding your master before installation is highly recommended and will greatly aid with bleeding your fluid system. 


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